Simon Sinek's inspiring TED talk on why certain people inspire

It has been a while since I shared an inspiring TED talk. There are plenty of them on there, but I watch this one the other day by Simon Sineck and it really inspired me to to think more about why I do things. It also inspired me to buy his book and the last one that did that was Ken Robinson's excellent talk on how schools kill creativity. The premise of Simon's message is that leaders and those that inspire start with why they are doing it. Sounds simple and common sense, but surprising few people have the ability to think this way. Simon puts it far better than I do, so over to him:

Side notes

I know I only recently changed the design of my website but it was a temporary move. I uses an off the shelf template rom the excellent, to get me by until I got around to designing a new one. I'll be updating the site in the next few days but the improvements will be mobile browser support as well as project pages, which the current theme lacks. For the techies amongst you I am using the Skeleton framework as the core for the layout so that is scales based on the device width.

Oh, I am now also on Pinterest, which is a great way for me to classify things that inspire me, so feel free to join me on there.