Old Maps of Paris Gets Even Better

I launched my personal project oldmapsofparis.com a few months ago and it has been a huge success both technically and from the feedback of visitors to the site. When I launched the site I just wanted to get the maps up and online and at the time I didn't create a home page. If you navigated to the site you went straight to the first map. Today I have relaunched the site making it easier to navigate, as all the maps are now indexed on the homepage. In addition I thought I would make use of the Skeleton CSS framework again to make it a little more mobile friendly, now the site should resize and allow you to navigate the maps on your smart phone.

The biggest change is under the bonnet. Previously to add a new map, I would need to run a script locally to create the map tiles and then uploading all the tiles via ftp (100s of MB in some cases) and then set up the references to the files manually in the database. All that has now changed. I can upload the single processed file and the site now automatically processes all the tiles and sets up the references. What was previously a chore has become a pleasure, so expect more maps soon... oh and not just of Paris ;)

You can read more about the project, on my projects page.

Please check out: www.oldmapsofparis.com