How the internet is changing art

I often blog about how the internet is changing how we create and experience art works. I came across an interesting video the other day by PBS Arts: Off Book that takes a look at how three Internet based companies (KickstarterCreative Commons, and The Creators Project) are helping artists fund their project and gain recognition and audience for their work. The key messages from the video are:

  • Kickstarter is a distinct project that helps artists find funding and build an audience. Projects have gone on to get book deals, be displayed in Whitney Museum, receive Oscar nominations, be selected for the Sundance Festival and SXSW. Work funded on Kickstarter is not just limited to novelty internet creations but work that has gone on to have cultural significance.
  • Creative Commons is a non profit corporation that makes it simple for artists to choose the freedoms that their creativity can carry. In a digital world many are not looking to profit from their work and don't care about copyright. Creative Commons tries to bridge the gap between copyrighted and public domain so that those that create art for the love of it, can still gain value through attribution.
  • The Creators Project aims to enable artists that create physical art works and art experiences to digitise and share that work online with the internet community. Brining together the original creator's content with fan submitted images, stories and remixed/inspired work, it allows these art pieces to live on beyond the original event.

(via Laughing Squid)

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