Designer Aaron Draplin Shares His Creative Manifesto

Veteran Graphic Designer Aaron James Draplin recently shared 50 things in 50 minutes that he lives by. The video is not only funny and inspiring but also contains some excellent advise. Although aimed at graphic designers a lot of what he says can equally be applied to photographers and artists in general. It is worth watching (below) but as usual I have included my notes; his 50 points, if you don't have time to watch below that.

Aaron Draplin's 50 Points

  1. Enjoy the moment
  2. Love where you are from
  3. Move somewhere wild
  4. Frequent Eateries that use decimal points in their menus
  5. Know your fucking condiments (keep it simple)
  6. Get out there and get dirty (go explore and find things)
  7. And then, share what you find
  8. Work with your friends
  9. Know your tools, and be thankful they exist
  10. Go wherever they'll send you
  11. Shed any goddamned sense of entitlement
  12. Provide proof of bonifide graphic art existence (using multimedia)
  13. Fight for the long dogs [All dogs are descended from dachshunds]
  14. Lose the crutch [there is no excuse for creative block, if you are on the clock make it happen, don't find excuses]
  15. Exhibit a little humility
  16. Quit spending yer money on bullshit
  17. Be wary of certain business professionals (In order: Telemarkers, TSA Agents (transport security in US), Pickpockets, DMV Employees (US Dept. Motor Vehicles), Horse Thieves, Tax Collectors & Web Developers)
  18. Pay off those fucking school loans now
  19. Laugh at stuff
  20. Turn yer back on organised sports
  21. Dream up a plan (Then figure our how to pull it off)
  22. Get cosmic (Put things into perspective, we are tiny in the universe)
  23. Take colour theory very seriously (Nothing says I don't quite get it like the colour purple - don't use it)
  24. Make room for some magic [See John Cleese interview last week & be prepared for when it comes]
  25. Say what you mean
  26. Get it on vinyl (Records rock)
  27. Be ready for when they call you up to the big league
  28. Learn an instrument
  29. Be the client (invent something)
  30. Go by car (take it slow and see the country)
  31. Know what really matters in the end (help your friends and family)
  32. Buy things made in America England [Sorry Aaron]
  33. Question stuff constantly
  34. Know who's got the power
  35. Collect cool shit
  36. Grab yer social media by the throat (Make your posts count)
  37. Savour the little stuff
  38. Support yer local rock bands
  39. Know all the shades of being professional (prove yourself by being professional but keep it fun)
  40. Don't worry about awards (but if you are invited to go judge, bite their hand off; take the hotel and abuse expense account)
  41. Quite saying the word "dude" (THis isn't the 90s anymore, let that be reserved for your uncle and your dentist)
  42. Make big ass posters (Then sell a shitwack of 'em)
  43. Go pantless
  44. Get free (have an exit plan)
  45. Treat the UPS guy, mail lady and printing pressman like they are gold. (Treat the people you rely on well)
  46. Know what you love
  47. Don't forget about the things you hate
  48. Learn to roll with the good, the bad and the ugly
  49. Work hard and love this shit
  50. Be thankful for everything

You can find more about Aaron Draplin and his company here View more inspirational videos here

(via 37 Signals)