Curious happenings at the remotest part of the day: 4am

I stumbled across this little gem a few months back while under the addictive influence of TED videos. Poet Rives has uncovered that 4am had impressed itself on the minds of many great creatives, when wanting to communicate that most unearthly hour of the day. This nine minute clip is both funny and entertaining and highly worth watching.

This time of day has also clearly struck a chord with others. There is a whole Flickr group and project dedicated to this mysterious time of the day.

Maybe there is something in it, my routine sees me waking up most mornings at 5am to get creative space while the family sleeps but 5am is a barrier I cannot cross and equally if you try and approach this time from the other side, staying up until 4am is just as hard.

Incidentally if you enjoyed Rives you can find a few other great clips below:

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