A Cunning Fox, a Funeral and a Wedding

This is one of the Grimm Brothers' less known tales, The Wedding of Mr Fox. The story tells the tale of a fox with nine tails who decides to test the fidelity of his wife as he suspects her to be unfaithful. He fakes his own death, then hides and waits to see what happens. As Mr Fox's demise becomes known, many suiters come and try their luck with Mrs Fox. She rejects all until another nine tailed fox comes to town. They get married and Mr Fox comes out of hiding and drives them all away. Read into that what you will, but it seem Mrs Fox was quite picky so hardly possibly not as unfaithful as Mr Fox thought. Maybe the real moral is that if you start playing games like this you will drive you marriage apart.

The Wedding of Mr Fox by Jon Milet Baker

I have set the tale in a modern location, the rubbish dump, as this seems to be a modern fox's ideal habitat.

As a side note, tales of foxes with nine tails originate in Asia and as such I have made reference to that in the above illustration. You can read more on Wikipedia about it and then see if you can spot my landfill site inspired Sessho-seki stone.