Hansel, Gretel and a Sugar Addicted Witch

My eight illustration in the fairy tale series, this time of the popular tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel by Jon Milet Baker

This is the popular tale of a girl and boy "lost" in the woods by their parents as they can no longer afford to feed them. It takes them several attempts, as the cunning Hansel drops stones to make a trail, allowing them find their way home each time. His luck runs out when he uses bread which is unfortunately eaten by the woodland fauna, but they stumble upon confectionary heaven when they discover a house made of gingerbread. This isn't your average sugar covered residence, this is a devious witch's honey trap and she imprisons Hansel to fatten him up and puts Gretel to work. Gretel seizes an opportunity one day and pushes the witch into a oven and saves the day.

Baked witch anyone?