The Juniper Tree and a Murdered Boy's Revenge

My ninth fairy tale illustration. The story of The Juniper Tree, once again by the prolific duo that were the Brothers Grimm.

The Juniper Tree by Jon Milet Baker The Juniper Tree by Jon Milet Baker

This is the tale of a boy who loses his mother in child birth. His father re-marries and has a daughter from his new bride. In classic fairy tale cliché the step mum plots an evil plan to dispatch the boy and feeds him to his father. His distraught sister buries her brother's bones under a juniper tree in the garden, by the grave of the boy's mother. The ground catches fire and the boy rises from the ashes as a beautiful bird. The bird goes about singing to various tradesman and acquires a gold chain for his father, some shoes for his step sister and a millstone to drop on his evil step mothers head.